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Verify, then trust. 

  • Authenticate Content in Real-Time   

  • Protect Chain-of-Custody

  • Establish Provenance 

  • Mitigate Deepfakes & Disinformation

  • Patent-Pending Algorithms 

ForceField Proofmark Technology in Apps as an API-as-a-Service
ForceField's Customer Portal provides necessary metadata.
In less than a minute, ForceField digitally signs and hashes content.
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About ForceField

At ForceField, we are revolutionizing the future of proof and trust from a global perspective. With disinformation as the #1 global threat, our cutting-edge technology solutions are designed to protect and secure data, so it's obvious when tampering has occurred, and irrefutably proven verified when it's not present.  


We are committed to setting the authentication standard by providing comprehensive verification for digital content, backed by proven cryptography and forensics. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your business.

Company Mission

We are a purpose-driven tech startup that believes in contributing to a more secure world by eliminating safety and security risks that exist when people and devices come together.

Inspired by developing tech for transparency, our team has come together and dedicated ourselves to finding the source of truth and to better protect digital content. We've focused years of research to come to the verification and authentication solution to solve provenance and authenticate content.

Founding Story

When our founder was challenged in 2018 with beating the clock before video evidence was overwritten, the world of custody, provenance, data preservation, and authentication was introduced.

We've connected with Prosecutors, DAs, Attorneys General, Cryptography Experts, Infrastructure Organizations, Intelligence Community Consultants, Investigators, and Digital Forensics Experts, ForceField's patent-pending Proofmark Technology is now ready for integration. 

Our mission of providing truth and facts through verified content and authenticated data, continues with our passionate fight against deepfakes. We hope to raise the bar for digital evidence (Rule 901B) and continue to get ahead of the regulation for AI, preservation of data, blockchain-enabled verification rulings, and enterprise situations where executives are being deepfaked costing billions per year.


The "deepfake defense" that will be overheard in courtrooms will overrun actual victims of deepfakes, or those accused of tampering who have a hard time proving they didn't alter the content.  

MIT Solve Lab

Achievements + Awards

Techstars DC Powered by JP Morgan - award winning startup, ForceField joins Techstars DC.
MIT Solve Lab Finalist ForceField unveils new technology to protect video streams against spoofing, insider threats, fraud
The Legal Tech Fund Startup Finalist ForceField - fight against fake digital evidence
ForceField wins Top Innovator in the Public Sector at City & State NY
Proomark Technology


The New Standard in Content Authentication

Within minutes of streaming video or capturing audiovisual content, metadata is protected and stored on the Hashmarq Ledger. The secure hashing and signature protocol provide protection against data loss, deletion, cyber vulnerabilities, spoofing attempts, and insider risks.

The App
Hashmarq, patent-pending technology by ForceField IO


The Hashmarq

Content authentication is strongest when blockchain is backing the technology to both establish provenance and also secure the chain-of-custody. Content creators, journalists, and civilians with mobile phones can now submit videos, photos, and audio files to your organization, with real-time verification and authentication.  

Reduce fraud, altered footage, deepfake audio files, deepfaked videos, deepfake photos and defend against insider threats.

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