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At ForceField, we are driven to create ethical technology. With humans in the loop, data and devices are vulnerable to tampering, cyber attacks, deep fake fraud and insider threats. 


We are committed to setting the authentication standard by providing comprehensive verification for digital content, backed by proven digital forensics and blockchain protocols. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your Trust and Safety efforts.

At the core of what we do is cyber and physical safety, for companies, communities, and countries.  Our tenants are transparency, immutability, and security.

Tech for the Good Guys

We've focused years of research to come to the verification and authentication solution to solve provenance and authenticate content.

This paradigm shift is a result of proactive prevention vs. detection.  By integrating our APIs, you protect your enterprise metadata and verify content as it's collected or submitted. 

Instead of waiting for deepfake scams or data security threats to affect your business, proactively defend against tampering or deep fakes with our middleware.

MIT Solve Lab

Achievements + Awards

Techstars DC Powered by JP Morgan - award winning startup, ForceField joins Techstars DC.
MIT Solve Lab Finalist ForceField unveils new technology to protect video streams against spoofing, insider threats, fraud
The Legal Tech Fund Startup Finalist ForceField - fight against fake digital evidence
ForceField wins Top Innovator in the Public Sector at City & State NY
Proomark Technology


The New Standard in Content Authentication

Within minutes of streaming video or capturing audiovisual content, our tech kicks in. We provide protection against data loss, deletion, cyber vulnerabilities, spoofing attempts, and insider risks.  Cyber insurance policies?  No problem, let's talk. 

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