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Forensics from the Future

We're living in a post-trust world where we can no longer believe what we see.

ForceField's patent-pending Proofmark Technology protects data and content from any human interaction so we can better trust the IoT devices around us, and each other.

With court-admissible digital evidence in-hand, regulatory and compliance needs are satisfied with our immutable ledger technology.

Real-Time Verification to Reduce Real Threats

  • Insurance Claim Fraud

  • Video Verification & Immutability 

  • Insider Threat Mitigation 

  • Error-Proofing Digital Content

  • Chain-of-Custody for Discovery 

  • IoT Data Vulnerabilities

  • Deepfake Prevention / Detection



Tools of Transparency for Public Interest

We deliver peace of mind when dealing with streaming data and digital evidence.


In a fast-paced world, we can't wait for regulations to protect us against the advancements in technology, like IoT device security breaches and deepfakes creating more barriers to tell what's real, and what's not real.  

Our solutions reduce human interaction when it comes to data and content (photos, videos, audio, documents).

Proofmark Technology

First in-class APIs to integrate seamless with existing tech stacks.



Insurance companies, software developers and platforms need verification of content to reduce harm, fraud, and cyberattacks.  With the advent of AI and the daily threat of it's advancements, digital content is susceptible to more human threats that ever before.

With ForceField's Proofmark Technology front-loaded in platforms, apps, and devices - the truth is within closer reach.  Get verified data, enhanced cybersecurity, and cloud savings with our patent-pending technology.

Image by Shubham Dhage
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