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Content Verification 

Our patent-pending software provides immediate verification for videos, photos, audio, and data.

We're living in a post-trust world where we can no longer believe what we see.

Real-time verification APIs easily integrate into platforms and apps.


Detect frauds, spoofed content, deepfakes, and edited media proactively.

Misinformation is at an all-time high.  This calls for a way to check on verifying items in near real-time to deflect dangers.

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Global Insurance Fraud Detection



Global Cyber Insurance Market



Tools of Transparency Insurance Companies & Underwriters 

We deliver peace of mind when processing claims for pennies per policy. 


In a fast-paced world, we can't wait for regulations to protect us against the advancements in technology, like AI-generated audio, photos and videos creating more barriers to tell what's real, and what's not real.  Layered into Insurance Apps, our APIs provide live forensic scoring of claims to verify digital evidence.  This reduces bias, error, and backlogs - saving time and money for SIUs.  

Proofmark Technology

Digital content has DNA and we're the company to identify it.  We verify and validate media, content, data as it's collected so that you don't have to.  

Insurance companies can process claims faster, with less doubt, more peace of mind, and make people filing claims happier on one of their less finer days. 

Think of us as insurance for evidence verification. The metadata we serve companies help with more than just processing claims, it helps de-risk fraud rings, deceptive claims, and falsified digital evidence. 


First in-class APIs to integrate seamless with existing tech stacks.


Reducing doubt in seconds of a video being captured, a photo being taken, or an audio recording listening in -- our technology assures customers that the media they receive is verified and audited at the point of collection.  


We sign, score and store meta data so you don't have to succumb to fakes and fraud.  The truth deserves to be preserved and it's tools like Proofmark that allow a safeguard around data that matters.

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Timely with the technology of timeliness.  Legacy CCTV camera systems can naturally spoof content, and under protected devices and media fall victim to AI-generated fakes, edits, and deletion.  With Proofmark's real-time API, device content is immediately verified and signed, creating zero opportunity for any hacking, cyber risk, or edits with our streaming media proofing system.


Combine a multitude of sources for an immutable record of incident meta data to drive future risk assessment and as a fraud deterrent.  No heavy lifting required, our APIs easily integrate into existing VMS, Apps, Platforms, and IoT Devices.  We integrate into existing systems to provide clarity and proprietary insights driven by our patent-pending Proofmark technology.

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Insurance companies, software developers and platforms need verification of content to reduce harm, fraud, and cyberattacks.  With the advent of AI and the daily threat of it's advancements, digital content is susceptible to more human threats that ever before.

With ForceField's Proofmark Technology front-loaded in platforms, apps, and devices - the truth is within closer reach.  Get verified data, enhanced cybersecurity, and cloud savings with our patent-pending technology.

Image by Shubham Dhage
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